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Breakthroughs don’t just happen, they’re discovered.

Unpack a Box Full of STEAM

Unpack a Box Full of STEAM Breakthroughs don’t just happen, they’re discovered.

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Is RATATAZ a science kit?

Yes and more....  

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Is RATATAZ a course?

Not exactly... 

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Is RATATAZ a curriculum?

Not entirely... 

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What is RATATAZ then?

RATATAZ is an opportunity for motivated kids to learn STEM, STEAM, STREAM (all of them) on their own terms. And we are a method, program, or way for adventurous parents and teachers to provide an ecosystem to help kids build confidence, feel empowered, connected and supported. We want to invite kids who are ready to "break the box" of traditional learning to explore our kits to become the experimenters, tinkerers, and inventors they want to be. Oh - and if you your kids want to get into Harvard, this is how they are starting to teach their courses.

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What's in a lesson?

Each lesson (whether one-at-a-time in a box or in bin as a set) comes with an easy-to-read elementary reader, a set of lab pages, the equipment and materials you need for the sample experiment and a QR code for the videos. Watch the videos. They explain how the program works and get your kids over the hump of asking and answering their own questions. 

Student Lab Pages

Each lesson has individual lab notebook pages that they assemble into their own booklet. There is a short sample experiment, and prompts for students to ask their own questions, and design their own experiment. 

Octopus Tracker

The individual boxes and subscriptions have an Octopus Tracker. Each kit comes with a sticker that your child can place on the arms of the tracker so they can see their progress. 

Lexile Leveled Readers

Each lesson has a Lexile-scored Leveled Reader (Grades 1-3). The readers are full-color picture books 24-pages long. They are meant to pique a student's imagination not overdeliver content. 


The first kit comes with non-consumable equipment your child will use in the first box and in future boxes including a graduated cylinder, beakers, test tubes, and safety glasses

Consumable Materials

Consumable materials found in future experiments include citric acid, baking soda, distilled water, glucose, and powdered strawberries. 

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step video tutorials accompany each lesson . These are important so don't skip them. They will walk the student through the RATATAZ method. 

Watch & Learn

Break the box, build your knowledge.

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Supported by 30 years of education experience and research, RATATAZ is a step-by-step approach that helps kids feel comfortable with complex subjects. RATATAZ accelerates understanding with self-initiated questions, reinforces what kids are learning with a real science experiment, and helps them learn how to communicate what they’ve learned with others.


Students read a 24-page full-color leveled science reader.


Students ask their OWN questions about what they read.


Students explore a scientifically informed hands-on activity.


Students answer one or more of their favorite questions from the ASK step.


Students talk, tell, and dazzle other students around the world with what they've learned.

What will my kids get from this program? 


By giving kids the right tools and the freedom to ask and answer their own questions they gain confidence with their ability to think through and solve any problem. 


When kids are confident they are empowered. They want to ask questions, speak up, and share their own ideas. 

Connection & Support

We strive to support each child as they pursue their dreams. We are creating an online platform (coming soon) where kids can share their discoveries and collaborate with other kids. 

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