Help! My kid doesn’t want to learn!

Help! My kid doesn’t want to learn!

By Rebecca Woodbury Keller

Help! My kid doesn’t want to learn!


Have you ever been stuck answering incessant “why” questions from a young child? Their curiosity is insatiable. However, as children get into school years, they are at risk of losing interest in learning – curiosity can fade if school becomes “boring”. 

True learning is about diving deep and exploring, which takes time and creativity. In school, there isn’t always time or space focused on opportunities for students to learn what they want or to be curious about something that interests them. It’s hard to learn subjects we’re not interested in, and when not addressed creatively, it can affect a student’s interest in learning overall. 

If children are not interested in learning how will they ever be able to innovate and create something that will make this world a better place?

Ultimately, when we are taught to create sameness and follow specific rules to adhere to a predetermined norm, we lose creative space. Followers are not innovators.  

What if there was another way?

  • What if we could encourage a student to discover science almost entirely on their own? 
  • What if kids were naturally curious about the topics they may find challenging, like how atoms bond or what makes a protein? 
  • What would happen if a child were to become curious instead of bored? 
  • How can we make this happen?

I believe that all children can be naturally curious about the world around them but only if we give them the excitement of asking and answering their own questions about what they read or hear. As adults, we need to give them the tools to dive deeper into a subject and want to learn all they can. 

RATATAZ will help your student feel comfortable being introduced to complex subjects and accelerate their understanding with self-initiated questions. 

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