Sequence Matters

And we build it for you!

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Power your Homeschool

RATATAZ STEM Kits pack everything you need to help your child master real science subjects in a tidy box.

RATATAZ-Powered Learning Labs

Helps Students

  • Spark interest & activate engagement
  • Develops critical thinking & problem-solving 
  • Accelerates mastery of tangible science  concepts

Supports Parents

  • Easy to use & easy to set-up
  • No need to be the expert
  • Keeps kids on track so you don't have to worry

Accelerates Learning

  • Give children the advantage
  • Improve test scores & outcomes
  • Builds confidence, competence, and self-esteem

A Box Full of Real Science

RATATAZ Labs get kids to discover, tinker, dabble, explore, dream, create, invent, and when they’re ready, connect the dots no one else can see to solve problems no one else has solved.

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Get your kids ready to RATATAZ!

The RATATAZ program offers a unique approach to learning and is guaranteed to get your child excited to learn real science! 

What's in the Box?

RATATAZ homeschool kits come with 10 weeks of lessons. Each lesson includes a 24-page Lexile-scored Reader, a set of lab pages, and all the materials needed for each of the hands-on experiments. Also included are a set of video tutorials that will help your child use the program. Watch the first one! 

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What Grade Level?

The first kit in the series is our Elementary Chemistry for grades 2-5. But we have more on the way! The second kit will be Elementary Biology (grades 2-5) and later this summer look for our Advanced Biochemistry set for middle school and high school (grades 6-9)

Recycle, Recharge, Reuse

When you finish the lessons, you can send us our plastics for recycling, or have us “recharge” your consumable materials for a small fee and we’ll ship them back to you so you can use your kit again for the next child!



Students read a 24-page full-color leveled science reader.


Students ask their OWN questions about what they read.


Students explore a scientifically informed hands-on activity


Students answer one or more of their favorite questions from the ASK step.


Students talk, tell, and dazzle other students around the world with what they've learned.

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