Sequence Matters

And we build it for you!

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Sequence Matters

And we build it for you!

When science is taught out of order, kids aren’t given the tools they need to really understand the concepts they’re learning. Elementary science is often taught in a random order; a little bit about the solar system, a little bit about plants, maybe something about weather. But children need a conceptual framework in place to understand, organize, and retrieve what they are learning.

For example, when children first learn about atoms, molecules, and chain reactions, they can truly grasp how photosynthesis helps plants grow. Because learning real science requires structure, we pick the subjects and the sequence. You don’t have to do anything. We’ve mapped out the best way for kids to learn science, and all the hard work of choosing where to begin and how to sequence has been done for you.

What’s in the First Box?

The first box introduces your child to chemistry and includes a hands-on experiment that gets them using the first step of the scientific method. The kit has all the materials they need to build a solid science foundation.

The What Is Chemistry? Lab

  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Instruction Guide
  • "What Is Chemistry?" reader
  • Lab pages, tape, and “How to Make a Notebook” instruction sheet

The Starter Kit

  • (5) Plastic beakers (100ml)
  • (5) Plastic test tubes with caps
  • (5) Plastic transfer pipettes
  • (1) Graduated cylinder (100ml)
  • (1) Scissors
  • (1) Test Tube Holder

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step video tutorials accompany each box so that students can follow along independently.

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In the next several boxes, your child continues learning about chemistry, then the sequence continues with biology, physics, astronomy, geology, anatomy, and exercise science.

Chemistry Continues

After the introduction to chemistry, your child will explore more advanced topics like atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions.

Next Comes Biology

When your child finishes the first several kits for the chemistry sequence, we'll move them to biology. They learn about what defines life, how a cell works, and how to use a microscope.

Move on to Physics

After biology, they'll move on to physics, where they'll learn about force, energy, work, inertia, and motion.

Explore Geology

,Your child will have the chance to get outside and uncover the secrets of rocks, minerals and soils.

Blast Off with Astronomy

Next your child can apply their physics, chemistry, and geology skills to explore the solar system, including the Earth, Sun, Moon, and planets.

Understand Anatomy

In this in-depth series, kids learn about the science behind the human body, with lessons on how their muscles work and how they breathe.

Get Moving with Exercise Science

Finally, kids can get active and learn about the science of body movement and exercising.

Coming Soon

We’ve always got new kits in the works! Upcoming kits include biochemistry, biophysics, oceanography, and molecular biology.

By the time they finish all the RATATAZ boxes they’ll have covered the basic building blocks of science, and you’ll have given them the foundation they need to succeed in all areas of academia.

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