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RATATAZ STEM kits are an integrated hands-on science program that provides the foundation your students need to achieve success. Each activity covers a core science concept and aligns to the NGSS.

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RATATAZ-Powered Learning Labs

Help Students

  • Spark interest & activate engagement
  • Develop critical thinking & problem-solving 
  • Accelerates mastery of science concepts

Support Teachers

  • Easy to use & easy to set-up
  • Expedites distance and hybrid teaching
  • Promotes facilitation of guided learning

Keep Parents Happy

  • Gives children the advantage
  • Improves test scores & outcomes
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem

Unpack a new way of learning

The all-in-one science kit that gets kids excited about real science 

Student Lab Pages

Each student gets their own student workbook with lab pages for each lesson providing an easy to-follow outline for the question-asking and experimental sections.


The Equipment Bag comes with all of the non-consumable equipment your students need for ten lessons and includes beakers, graduated cylinders, test tubes, transfer pipettes, and safety glasses. 

Consumable Materials

The consumable materials include citric acid, baking soda, glucose powder, and iodized salt. These are preloaded into the test tubes and ready to use. 

Lexile Leveled Readers

Each lesson comes with a different leveled reader that introduces a new topic in an easy-to-understand way. The readers are full-color, 24-page, and Lexile measured.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step video tutorials accompany each lesson. These videos can be watched in a group or students can access them independently ahead of the small group session.

Teacher's Guide

The teacher's guide includes easy-to-follow instructions for each lesson, alignment to NGSS and Common Core chart, and a quick reference materials list for each hands-on activity. 

A Box Full of Real Science

RATATAZ Labs get kids to discover, tinker, dabble, explore, dream, create, invent, and when they’re ready, connect the dots no one else can see to solve problems no one else has solved.

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Our Services

We provide STEM and STEAM kits tailored to fit small groups of any size.


Do you work with a coop group? We can build a custom kit with any number of students. You can choose between loose student notebook pages the students assemble themselves or you can request all of the experiment pages bound in a single lab notebook. You can also choose to purchase a full teacher's guide. 

Learning Labs

Are your kids part of a learning lab? Our small group kit is perfect for up to 8 students. You can choose to have the students follow the videos to assemble the notebook pages or have them use a single lab notebook. 

Summer Camp

Looking for a great summer program? We’ve got you covered. We provide kits with hands-on experiments and all the materials for ten different learning labs. Teachers receive instructional materials and online instruction videos explaining how to use this program with their students.



Students read a 24-page full-color
leveled science reader.


Students ask their OWN questions
about what they read.


Students explore a scientifically
informed hands-on activity


Students answer one or more of their favorite questions from the ASK step.


Students talk, tell, and dazzle other students around the world with what they've learned.

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