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The Basics Series (Grades 1-5)

Your child will gain mastery of the concepts as they level up and earn achievement badges working through the subscription sequence enabling them to unlock advanced boxes in the series. 

There are 20 boxes in this series. 

Level I / Novice

  1. What is Chemistry?
  2. Atoms
  3. Molecules
  4. Molecules Meet (chemical reactions)
  5. Acids & Bases ---> receive 1st achievement badge
Level 2/ Apprentice
  1. Rubber Rain Boots and Plastic Pink Flamingos (polymers)
  2. What is Biology?
  3. Life
  4. DNA
  5. Protein ---> receive 2nd achievement badge
Level 3/ Alchemist
  1. The Cell
  2. Plants vs. Animal Cells
  3. The Microscope
  4. What is Physics?
  5. Force  ---> receive 3rd achievement badge
Level 4/ Mad Scientist
  1. Energy
  2. Work
  3. Inertia
  4. Linear Motion
  5. Circular Motion  ---> receive 4th achievement badge and unlock access to advanced series. 

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